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Mr. Kasai Goes To Washington

USA, August 21, 2009, by Kevin C. Coates


pdf, 17,5 KB, 08/22/09, 841 downloads

Where Is America’s Vision?

USA, June 2009, by Kevin C. Coates


pdf, 29,2 KB, 06/19/09, 803 downloads

Trip report: Transrapid Testing Facility (TVE) visit by IMB

Germany, June 2009, by Laurence E. Blow


pdf, 938 KB, 07/02/09, 766 downloads

Proving A Track Record: TVE

Editorial No 10 - March 7, 2009 by Kevin C. Coates


pdf, 17,6 KB, 03/06/09, 489 downloads

Demand For Maglev In America

Editorial: 1-2009 by K. C. Coates


pdf, 18,3 KB, 01/05/09, 720 downloads

Rail Speed Records: Aspects of Relevance, Costs and Benefits

Editorial: May 2007, by L. Blow; K.C.Coates; J. Kluehspies


pdf, 143,1 KB, 05/08/07, 2941 downloads

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